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Our unique service provides you a PERSONALISED contract for the sale of your aircraft.

Ideal for Buyer, Seller or a third party facilitator!

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Mitigate your risk! Ensure BOTH parties know what has been agreed!

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Our aircraft contract can save you thousands!

As experienced aircraft Brokers, one of our main objectives is to ensure that both the Buyer and Seller are always crystal clear about what is being purchased or sold.

This mitigates risk of misunderstandings and potential conflict that can escalate very quickly, (even after the sale is concluded). Good brokers always aim to do this for their clients, while other brokers expose both parties to risk.

  • Be clear on what is being bought and sold
  • Eliminate misunderstanding and conflict
  • Reduce exposure to risk
  • Eliminate stress & anxiety
  • Protection against a costly legal battle
Light Aircraft Sales About

When buying and selling your aircraft,
the risk of a stressful, complex and costly legal battle is very real.

And it can cost both parties significant stress, anxiety and financial cost in the court system during (or often after) settlement.

We’ve seen it all; complex e-mail trails over weeks, hand-written agreements on pieces of scrap paper and text messages. Or even worse, verbal agreements that are misinterpreted and versions of the truth that never existed or were never intended! These are all fraught with legal risk and complex interpretations. Don’t risk your assets, time, stress and finances!

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Simple. Easy-to-understand. Aviation specific.

These risks are easily mitigated by having both parties agree in a simple, brief, easy-to-understand contract (Sale Agreement) that sets out all the main terms of the agreement and reduces the risk of financial, emotional and legal conflict – not to mention time, effort and resources!

Our ‘Contract my aircraft’ product has been designed by Light Aircraft Sales to mitigate the risk involved in privately transacting an aircraft purchase or sale. The team has carefully looked at the components of a quality contract, while ensuring the agreement is simple, easy-to-understand and specific to light aircraft transactions, worldwide.

Purchase the peace-of-mind of a written aircraft contract TODAY!


While reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the accuracy and applicability of the Light Aircraft Sales ‘Contract my aircraft’ service throughout various jurisdictions, it is intended and highly recommended that both parties check the document thoroughly prior to exchange and signature, including if necessary the appointment of a legally trained and regulated representative applicable to that Territory or State and make appropriate changes if required. The ‘Contract my aircraft’ product is an electronic software service only and its is based on limited information provided to the software by the parties. Light Aircraft Sales cannot be held liable for any loss or costs associated with any aircraft purchase or disposal arising from the service, howsoever caused. No warranties, express or implied are granted to any party arising from the purchase or use of the software or service or the reliance of any material produced by it. Reproduction of any part of the ‘Contract my aircraft’ software, service delivery methods or service is strictly prohibited.