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Why choose our brokerage service?

Most sellers believe that employing an aircraft broker means simply taking the hassle out of the sale (less time and energy dealing with potential buyers), ensuring that the marketing of the aircraft is targeted to an appropriate audience – and of course, negotiating the best sales result, in less time. This is all true; a great broker will alleviate all the work & stress of the selling process from the Seller, while guiding the Buyer through the process.

So, why choose us?

Why choose Light Aircraft Sales?

  • No sale, no fee – PLUS our 90 day sale guarantee*
  • We conduct targeted, cross-platform DIGITAL marketing
  • All advertising costs are INCLUDED in our fee
  • We constantly identify & mitigate your risk
  • We will draw from our existing buyer database
  • We prepare contracts & provide all necessary paperwork
  • We operate a SECURE trust account for deposits & settlements
  • We are Trustpilot verified & members of AOPA, SAAA & RAAus

Brokerage Package

No sale. No fee! 90 day sale guarantee*
  • Professional start-to-end brokerage service
  • Free broker aircraft valuation
  • ‘No sale, no fee’ / 90 day sale guarantee*
  • We pay for ALL advertising campaigns
  • We handle ALL buyer enquiries
  • We negotiate the best outcome for both parties
  • We utilise our secure trust account
  • We conduct a PPSR check for Buyers
  • We draft and handle all contracts & paperwork
  • We always mitigate risk to avoid costly disputes
  • On-call broker support & professional advice (7 days)
  • Trustpilot verified (read our client reviews)

* See full brokerage ‘Facilitator Agreement’ for details.

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E-mail: office@lightaircraftsales.com.au

Here’s an example of a recent sale success.

We found our client’s dream machine.

Our process works every time

The Challenge:

Selling a client’s ‘half-finished’ passion project while sourcing a client’s dream machine; in a timely manner and where one sale will finance the other.

The Purchase:

We went off market to research and secure a highly contested aircraft. We negotiated a deal whereby monies were held into trust with Light Aircraft Sales as security, and payment terms reached for full settlement to occur by a future date, conditional on the sale of the project.

The Deal:

We sold the project kit within the last 2 weeks of the settlement deadline. A ferry pilot was organised through Light Aircraft Sales, and the aircraft was delivered to the excited client just a week after settlement.

We listened. We thought outside the box. We negotiated and advised both parties. We held our nerve. And finally, we mitigated risk and found a win-win solution.

Why choose us?


Over 30 years’ industry experience.


Verifiable client reviews on Trustpilot.


Choose the package that suits your needs.


We deliver for our clients every time.


We spend more to attract more buyers.


We are here for you, whichever package you choose.

We can help.

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