Are you passionate about aviation, dreaming of flying in your personal aircraft? Vans Aircraft stands out as a leading provider of kit planes for homebuilt and experimental use. Wondering what makes Vans Aircraft the ideal choice to fulfil your dreams? Let’s explore the remarkable advantages that distinguish Vans Aircraft.

Van’s “Total Performance” Concept

At Van’s Aircraft, our “Total Performance” concept underscores every design effort. The RV models are not just planes; they’re perfected for a range of needs. This includes aviation fans chasing peak performance or pilots desiring epic journeys. Our line of vans RV kit aircraft caters to any mission.

The experience of flying our RVs is unmatched. They offer exceptional control and are a delight to operate. This makes them a top choice for those passionate about flying in Australia and beyond.

Our RV series caters to diverse flying desires, from aerobatics to long travels. Pilots seeking aerobatic excellence will find our vans RV aircraft offer an unparalleled thrill. Alternatively, those eying cross-country trips will enjoy the ease and efficiency our RV models bring to their journeys.

Whatever your aviation passion, there’s a model in our vans RV lineup for you. These kit aircraft fuse artistry, engineering, and innovation. They enhance the flying experience, appealing to novices and seasoned pilots alike. Discover the perfect match to feed your flight fascination.

Choosing the Right Model

When it comes to picking the best model from Van’s Aircraft, critical elements must be weighed. Providing for diverse tastes and needs, we’ve developed a variety of options. These are aimed at meeting every builder’s unique specifications.

Essentially, you should determine the seating needs for your aircraft. Our range includes models suited for solo flights to those with space for many passengers.

Consider also your preferred seating arrangement. Van’s Aircraft provides models with both tandem and side-by-side options. You can pick the layout that best fits your comfort and style of flying.

For enthusiasts of aerobatic flying, models like the RV-3, RV-4, RV-7/7A, and RV-8/8A boast superior capabilities. These are crafted to handle demanding aerobatic routines with agility and precision.

Those focusing on long trips and economies will appreciate the RV-9/9A and RV-10 models. Known for their performance and fuel efficiency, they’re ideal for extended travel without worrying about fuel costs.

If your interest leans toward simplicity and sport flying, the RV-12iS could be your perfect choice. It excels with easy construction and is designed to enhance your flying experience. The RV-12iS makes taking flight a straightforward and enjoyable journey.

Ultimately, choosing a model means reflecting on your mission and aligning it with a Van’s Aircraft design. Whether it’s about aerobatics, long flights, or pure flight excitement, our range caters to diverse dreams of aviation.

Taildragger or Tricycle Configuration

When picking a Van’s Aircraft model, the landing gear setup is a key decision. Some, like the RV-3, RV-4, RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, and RV-14, use a taildragger design. Others, including the RV-7A, RV-8A, RV-9A, RV-10, RV-12iS, and RV-14A, opt for a tricycle configuration.

The choice depends on what the builder prefers and the aircraft’s mission. Taildraggers offer a classic, nimble feel as their rear-located main gear is traditional. Meanwhile, tricycle gear—having a nosewheel—provides better stability for landings and takeoffs. This makes it more suitable for less experienced pilots.

The Experience of Building an RV Aircraft

Constructing a Van’s Aircraft kit offers immense satisfaction to those passionate about flight. Assemble it stage by stage, customising the process to fit your schedule. Employing time-honoured construction techniques, we put the aircraft together piece by piece, meticulously tending to each detail.

This endeavour becomes even more meaningful as it’s a family affair. Building alongside our loved ones, everyone contributes to the project. We bond through problem-solving, learning new skills, and creating memories that will endure through the years.

The support from the aviation community is also pivotal. Seasoned pilots and experts provide continuous advice, propelling us towards a safe, high-performance final product.

The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia offers crucial oversight and aid. They facilitate the certification process, ensuring our adherence to aviation standards. Their community fosters connections with like-minded enthusiasts, providing resources and camaraderie.

More than crafting an exceptional flying machine, this venture is about the experience. It’s about the relationships, the triumph, and the profound pride in finishing a project of unparalleled significance.

Fulfilling Aviation Dreams

For aviation lovers, nothing beats the satisfaction of building and flying a Van’s Aircraft from a kit. This journey involves both personal achievement and the opportunity to inspire future flight enthusiasts. It is a process filled with memorable moments and a deep sense of pride.

After completing the construction, a whole new world opens up. We gain the freedom to soar over Australia’s stunning landscapes and reconnect with family and friends in distant places. Piloting a Van’s Aircraft not only fulfills a lifelong aspiration for some but also introduces a thrilling adventure for others to share with loved ones.

The Future of Van’s Aircraft

Van’s Aircraft is a prominent figure in the kit-built aircraft scene, armed with a solid reputation and devoted client base. This places it on a trajectory for sustained success within aviation. The company is dedicated to staying ahead as technology progresses and customer needs shift.

By focusing on excellence and ensuring their customers are satisfied, Van’s Aircraft is primed for further growth within the industry. Their superior kit-built aircraft beckons to those in the aviation community keen on crafting and flying their unique planes.

The outlook is bright for Van’s Aircraft and those passionate about planes. With ongoing industry changes, the company is expected to lead by providing up-to-date kit-built aircraft options. Whether you’re drawn to aerobatics or the idea of extensive air travel, Van’s Aircraft stands ready to turn your aviation fantasies into tangible achievements.


Van’s Aircraft stands out as a leading choice for aviation fans in Australia. They offer a diverse lineup of kit aircraft. These can be tailored to meet a wide range of needs and tastes. If you’re into aerobatics, long-distance flying, or crave the open skies, they have you covered.

Embarking on the journey to craft your Van’s RV aircraft is an experience like no other. Van’s Aircraft supports you every step of the way. You’ll find all the necessary advice and tools to bring your flying dreams to life. This endeavour is not only enriching but also allows you to share the joy of flight with others.

Being part of Australia’s dynamic aviation scene is easy with Van’s Aircraft. It’s a gateway to a world of adventure, whether you’re already soaring or a devoted aviation lover. Flying in your self-built Van’s RV will unveil endless new horizons for you. So, take flight with Van’s Aircraft and discover a boundless sky of opportunities.

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